Is it possible to access OpenLDAP via MAPI? Or how can OpenLDAP to pretend to be a GAL?

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Hello dear.

Have a client Atski (InfraCommClient) in the address book may only accept:

1. The actual server address book (or rather users opened locally on the server)

2. Windows Address Book (WAB files)

3. The Outlook address book

4. Exchange-vsky GAL (which is essentially LDAP)

5. It is possible (theoretically) use of other providers of the contacts registered in the system

There is the OpenLDAP directory with the contacts.

And is a trivial task — all users must be a single address book.


1. In the server address book can only be subscribers the most Atsci.

2. WAB is a highly individual thing

3. Outlook-om we do not use

4. Exchange we have.

Support threw up their hands, in addition to options 2 — 4 can not offer anything.

Does the nature of MAPI LDAP provider contacts for Windows?

Is it possible to emulate a GAL?

ps: if crookedly formulated — do not blame me :)
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3 Answers

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and the small chest simply opened
Try, will not work — ICQ 554370273, you can try to help
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As an option Zimbra contains GAL
There you can import from your ldap
A simple option to import ldap from zimbra.
Difficult variant — to understand how they did GAL :)
Very useful wiki
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OpenLDAP does not support VLV (Virtual List View). And a list of all addresses (without searching) to fail. Accordingly, the idea is meaningless, you need to look for another LDAP server (supports VLV).

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