Good groupware service?

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Please tell me a good service for collaboration.

What it is:
  • Creating and tracking tasks.
  • Discussion of the tasks.
  • The exchange and storage of documents.
  • Storage of internal documents and rules in the wiki format.

Additionally it would be nice to have the following functions:
  • A list of contacts.
  • Calendar.
  • The hierarchy of participants (Manager, contractor).
  • Subtasks.

  • Free.
  • The ability to install on the server.
  • Easy.
  • Convenience.

At the moment the main candidate is Remain. But perhaps there is a more simple functionality of the service.
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1 Answer

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It looks like You have answered your own question
too long selected a bunch of tried Confluence+Jira, StreberPM, Trac then came to Redmine
Now we use our own solution i.e. the moved tasks in your own project which originally planned on Redmine

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