Stereo headset Jabra BT620s ceased to control the music?

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There Communicator Motorola Milestone bluetooth stereo headset Jabra BT620s. Used the Milestone as a player, and at first everything was fine, but now the function of talking and listening to music through the headset remained, but the music control from the headset (pause, skip forward and backward on the tracks) is turned off, and to pause, have to get the Communicator from the bag. Completely transfer data from the headset to the phone is not disconnected: the button "call last number" works. Instructions about this said only (in other words, but the essence is the same) "have you tried turning it off and on again" — Yes, I did and just disconnect-connect the headset on and off is to connect a separate bluetooth service (phone and multimedia), and completely remove to create pair it with the Communicator to restart the Communicator. Once used the same headset with another device, and occasionally had the same problem, so err on the headset. The gugleniya special results has not given. Encountered anyone with a similar problem? Is it possible to oberseite headset (on the Internet suggest to do this several times to quickly connect to turn off the charging, did not help) and does it effect the meaning?
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For gabrovska headsets you can try this:
1. To switch off the headset (turn off power)
2. To delete the pairing with her on the device and disable Bluetooth
3. To switch the headset on and put it in pairing mode (seems to be long holding the power button)
4. Enable Bluetooth on your device and start pairing.

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