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How to register in the andriod market as a developer without registration in AdSense?

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When you register in the andriod market as a developer, you have the following trebovanie:

Your AdSense account is required!

To receive payouts, you must provide your AdSense Publisher ID.

Important: Special terms and conditionsapply to your use of an AdSense account to receive payouts the Android Market.
AdSense Publisher ID: Pay me via this account

Don't already have an AdSense account? Sign up for Google AdSense now"

When you try to AdSense, denied the wording that the site is unfinished.
It's true I have the website but I don't need one yet, I just want to develop software for Android.

What to do?
To create a fully functional website is not an option.
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2 Answers

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On the Google forum answer that without adSense does
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Start a blog on and link AdSense to it.
At the same time there is about your application and will write! ;)

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