Shape optimization of the issuance of the news, hurt or help the site?

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Now about 300 news articles collected over several years of operation of the site.

News are displayed as

Want to do in mind:

Technically I know how to do it, the question is not.

I would like to know this:

1) do Not damage the site this reshuffle from the point of view of search engines? As I understand it, now all my 300 articles indexed as ?id=xxx.

2) will I Have to work both methods call article. It turns out the duplicate content that the idea is too bad...

In this situation do correctly? Read about some error 303, but did not understand.
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5 Answers

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Make the old URLs 301 — Moved permanently:
This will tell the search engines that this page you need to look at the new url you give along with the 301 status.
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301 redirect as has been written above, plus disallow indexing the old URLs in the robots.txt. Perhaps a few updates will be some decline on these pages, and then everything will work out.
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It works, thank you, friends
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you can put in the meta and rel="canonical"
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Do it like this (file news.php):
— If id comes in, then worked the old link. Query to the database, remove my-mega-novost, then
Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location:" );
— If it comes my-mega-novost, just print the news.
Yandex instantly preindustiral site slowdown I didn't notice at all. However, and much avail yet. Apparently, we have to wait a bit.
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