What to read about computer hardware?

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My area is IT a separate part of mathematics and a little dabble in management. Specialization, of course, steers and goes, but as a minus — it is almost not fully understanding the working of iron. For me it's more of an abstraction.

But it's time to upgrade the home desktop. Basically it is a powerful home development machine, the host machine for virtualos servers home network and sometimes I like something for her to play. Oshu with out ubunta 10.10. Yes, there are more calculations, parallel algorithms and CUDA theme more enticing.

Seems to need a powerful CPU, GPU (maybe two?), fast memory and matching is the mother.

The problem is that, in my opinion, many of the characteristics modern utility was written by marketology and the pricing on them actually remains a mystery. How to choose the appropriate configuration that is optimal according to the criterion of price/quality for my problem, for me a riddle. And I think for me it's someone unlikely to do.

Is there something telling about the architecture of a modern computer accessible to the beginner language?
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Read articles on these sites and try to build a complete picture.
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Michael Guk "Hardware IBM PC"

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