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Facebook & Business = Link?

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I think to explain why the firm or product has its own page on no one should? But here's how to make a link to the product page or company view "название_продукта_или_услуги" does anyone know how to do? For example in settings personal home page is very easy to do, how can that be?
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3 Answers

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1. You need to go to
2. Select page from the drop-down list
3. Dial the desired page url
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it is suspected that you do not understand the difference between user, group and page on FB.
In short, for your purpose appropriate page (page). Just log in on FB, go to, select "Add page". Once on your page signs up 20 people (don't remember exactly so), you will be able to change the page title to the text that is your product
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Thank you very much! Understood and already implemented :-)))

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