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How to replace a word with another insertion from the buffer in VIM

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A little explain a subject.
Let's say I need to replace one word with another. I copy, I need the word team yw, then turn to the word which you want to replace...? What you need to do for replacement?
Option dw P esessno is not suitable, because the team not just dw deletes a word, she puts it in the buffer, and accordingly will replace what was there before, so a bunch of first P dw deletes a word, and then it and will stick.
You can use on the contrary, P l dw, i.e. first insert the desired word, and then to remove it, but in this case it is easy to make a mistake and delete either the word is not complete or on the contrary to capture the last character of the inserted word (if you forget to press l). Yes and a lot of that-the press is necessary, even in this short example, but if you need to replace the whole word and part word to the _ symbol for example? yt_ <go> P l dt_ — quite a lot of press(
Is there any short command ?t_ to insert with replacement.
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vw p

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