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How to use LMS (Moodle, a "learning system") in your University/Institute?

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The people-students, tell me how you do in school used LMS (Moodle, for example):?

— Which University/faculty?
— What engine is used?
— Works within the Department/faculty or the whole University?
— What is laid out?
— Do testing and other capabilities remote. education or just as a collection of teaching materials and files for the themes?
— Do you use students?
— If teachers (at least relevant)?
— Is there support from "above" (i.e. the Dean's office requires/recommends to spread to the old) or out of the stud. enthusiasm?

I would like to raise within the Department/faculty (it profile) based on Drupal or OG Moodle, but enthusiastic people do not see.

To use I would like at least to organize and transfer useful files accumulated from one generation to another.

Thank you :)

PS. Issues are not distance learning and regular day/evening.

PS. Would be very grateful, if somebody shared the access password from their LMS-Ki :) (ready in turn somehow identify themselves — a certificate of training for example)
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3 Answers

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International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg. Moodle being used already, 3 as. Engine, etc. do not know the details, but almost navseh factor-x (I'm on applied Informatics studied, but friends with others, know also it was used) they use. We (FAK-t applied Informatics bankovskom case) there were laid the materials for the lectures (tests), examinations it passed.
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We only 1ому the subject was kept there job, theory and evaluation. For many subjects only a theory, the more we have, the system is not used.
Latvia, Daugavpils University, Information technology.
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I Moodle seemed heavy to learn. Yes and the server loads it. Now look to the ATutor

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