The lock if a transaction in mysql, how it works?

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I have a table "images" with 3 columns: id, product_id and cover. Maybe we can put a lot of entries are constantly read. Ie I would not want to table block.

The table has 100 records (product_id=777), one of which cover=1 and the rest 99 cover=0. Then suddenly I wanted to install the sign cover to another picture and to reset the current, and written requests:


# First shed cover product No. 777
UPDATE images SET cover=0 WHERE product_id=777 AND cover=1 LIMIT 1;

# Set the new cover for the item (AND product_id=777 here for clarity)
UPDATE images SET cover=1 WHERE id=5000 AND product_id=777 LIMIT 1;


So, does that mean that if this transaction is only blocked all the entries of the product with product_id=777 and not the entire table?
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Depends on what mode the database. If MyISAM, it locks the entire table, and if InnoDB, then only the string.

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