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To request a login/password of the Guest, if he did not have permission to access the shared folder?

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Good day!

There was a following problem.

On the computer that is running Windows 7 have two shared folders: public and private. The user must log on to a computer without a password(ie, Guest) and have access only to the public folder. If he tries to turn to the private folder, a popup dialog should appear asking you to enter username/password.

I have when accessing the private folder says that there is no access.
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3 Answers

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Dig in the direction of the ntfs permissions
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then he doesn't have to be a guest :)
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At the same time with the network resource can only work on behalf of one user.
It is necessary to break existing connections under guest and connect as the desired user, e.g.:
net use \\\\server\\public /delete
net use \\\\server\\private /user:admin password
Or launch a program that will work with the resource on behalf of another Windows user.
If this option you not going to work, you need to look in the direction of the preferences of local(or group) policies.
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