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Python and COM objects?

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Run in PythonWin — > Tools — > COM Browser — >

look the name of the library in the "Registered Type Libraries" — >

run python.exe — >
>>> import makepy makepy
>>> makepy.ShowInfo('the name of the library, which we found in the Registered Type Libraries')

— > cheers! we will generate the module, which is placed in a special folder

This module, with a tremendous, nenormiruemym name really appear in the folder — .../gen_py

And that is the question. What this module can do next? And, accordingly — how?


Using win32com.client.Dispatch('title for something') we can apply to the interfaces specified in the specifications. And do with them what it indicated.

However, if we do not know the "name-it-something" — how to find and use that allows us to do the running and the active server COM objects?

Particularly interested in — how to handle the interfaces?

In fact, both questions are one and the same — two days trying to do something, but the idea has not yet penetrated.
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maybe just read what is written in the module with the unreadable name?

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