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What are the methods of deep learning, Google Apps and various API?

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Interested in blogs, books, seminars, conferences. Most of what I found online is the presentation of the initial level or copy-paste official news.

There is a good book "Secrets of Google applications"but also a relatively basic level.
Is reference Google.
Have a blog
In November, Google Developer Day.

I would like quality information about the different services and APIs, their interactions, scope, preferably in the form of full-time study with questions, etc. Books/blogs are good too :)
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2 Answers

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As the author of the book "Secrets of Google applications" I would venture to offer a few links.
1. Google's Operating System. An unofficial blog about the novelties from the world of Google. The intricacies of the API and programming here, but it helps to be aware of the latest news including unofficial leaks and rumors.
2. Google Blogoscoped. Another informal blog from Philip Lessen, author of Google Apps Hacks.
3. Google IO 2010. The website of the eponymous conference with a large number of videos, including a very technically advanced reports.
4. This Week in Google weekly podcast about Google and "cloud" technologies in General.
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>Is reference Google.
In my opinion, it is enough to "deep study". To read fluently, to have an idea about the possibilities to come up with a project where these capabilities are used and to begin implementation. At least I have this approach.

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