online service for storing large amounts of information for a short period

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I want to reinstall the OS on the laptop, but as always in this situation, the question arises — where would the time to merge all the files you need? About 150 GB of music, videos, documents, installers, etc.
Wonder whether there is an analogue of dropbox, only free and allowing you to store 150GB of data for a short time (just a few hours max). The channel is wide (100/100), so it is only a matter of "where."
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* Unlimited space for your files.
* Files are stored for at least 3 months. Storage time can be extended any number of times, or it is extended automatically if the file is downloading.
* Maximum file size to 5 GB.
* If your provider supports Yandex "Local network", your traffic is considered local fare.
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I once with the same problem has faced and free services for solving problems are found.
Dropbox is good, but a little (not pumped). Was eventually used 4sharedas the most democratic – limited to a few free accounts at 10Gb, filled with their desktop program is quite convenient and fill, and to pull back.

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