The choice of a clustered file system?

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Advise cluster FS (i.e. FS, which can be mounted on different nodes in rw) that would be able to combine storage with hundreds Terabithia.

So it is necessary that FS used the native kernel CentOS/Debian. For this reason, unfortunately not suitable GPFS and Lustre.

Looking towards the GFS, but I highly doubt that it is able to distribute the load evenly across the physical media. As far as I read, filling in the data is linear there.
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If you need a normal storage solution (and not hardware), it GPFS you are unlikely to find. The same fixture does not contain a (IMHO) means to achieve data redundancy on different nodes, and the failure of a node means data loss. License for GPFS which is cheap, well and to kernel is a kernel module that is dynamically loaded. You put the driver for iron than you this way GPFS is not pleased?
For customers who can't keep GPFS native on multiple nodes, you can distribute NFS

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