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System geo-routing and shortest-distance?

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Need a system for finding detailed shortest path between geo-points.

Criteria: accuracy and speed considering that you will have to rely on the whole of Eurasia.

Look into pgRouting, but the speed still not happy with 10 seconds between Moscow and Magadan. Perhaps because it has not particularly looked at the possibility of optimizing the database.

Ideally I would like something comparable in speed with the routing from Cloudmade.

The actual options are seen as such:
  • optimize database, takeaways in "the cloud"
  • search another tool or service (Cloudmade mentioned above are not satisfied due to a sufficiently large intensity and specificity of the queries)
  • implement your own (you never know) instrument using optimal and fast algorithm for the calculation (hence the question — what)

Do you have abrasheva advice and experience of solving such problems?
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1 Answer

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take to the cloud, take on the scheme map-reduce and divide the load between the servers
ie you will need a lot of clarifying graphs, and some sort of weighted algorithm to select a graph to begin your search

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