How to get Opera to sync data?

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Configured in Opera synchronization through Opera Link, and I never thought how it works, because it was small priority action for me: probrasyvanie history and Speed Dial between your home and work machines. When this occurred I did not notice, because it worried me a little, just from time to time were aware that the house tells me the browser address, which I only went from work.

Yesterday I decided to consciously and purposefully use the service in order to traverse a few dozen links from work to home with the help of Notes (Notes). Arriving home was surprised: nothing was synchronized. Logged in to your account Opera Link on the site — similar to nothing.

Today, I checked at work settings: Opera Link is running fine, the credentials are entered, the notes sync is enabled.
Started looking for a way to force a sync is missing.
Set sync interval in settings is missing.
Questioned Google without result.
I remembered that sometimes when you close Opera says something about synchronization, and requests to wait a bit. Restarted the browser — nothing happened.

I feel like an idiot... Who is to blame? What should I do?
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I also quite often that happens.
In the end, to not lost, I create a new note, and not editing the old one. With this method almost always synchronized
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Try to disable and then enable synchronization.
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Should not rely on it too much, often loses notes. Most likely during shutdown.
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it is not compulsory. is not enough.
again, not exactly convenient synchronization algorithm, when you can't choose what to synchronize and where is the source to the second version of the data previously withdrew would
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I have Opera automatically sinhroniziruete all when the window is closed and periodically during operation. Data is always available.

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