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Linux & Torrents: with the transition Deluge for KTorrent?

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've been using Deluge as a major client, but at some point he ceased to hold me for several reasons. After studying the alternatives, he chose KTorrent: it was me all the necessary functions plus, as a KDE user, I was particularly attracted by the possibility of its integration into the environment.

The problem is that Deluge has accumulated a pretty impressive base from a couple hundred torrents to transfer manually which is very problematic. Itself suggests some automation. But feeling that it is going to write the script, his hands itched and then opened the text editor. :)

A way to get all torrents indicating the folder where the downloaded files themselves, of the Deluge was found pretty quickly. But add a torrent in KTorrent with the indication of the folder so that after checking the hash immediately started distribution, proved to be nontrivial. You can just show the dialog for adding an existing torrent and select the folder there; you can not show this dialog, and then the jump will be executed in the default folder (that's right, jump, and the file is already there). But the folder is completely impossible. Reached up to explore the API and D-Bus is there all the same.

Maybe someone has already passed this way and be able to suggest how to be?

Thanks in advance.
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import as information about scatena torrent here:
and then rehash to create all of the files from the schema

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