Using a personal account at the online project

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On the website we need to sell advertising to legal entities. There are two payment method.

  1. To conclude one agreement on making money for the personal account, and then debit the money from your personal account when buying advertising.
  2. to enter into a contract every time you buy a particular advertising package. (Thus, a personal account on the website will not.)

Question: does the first method with some additional legal or accounting difficulties?
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Only the expense of guide is not in rubles or another currency, and in what-thread "points". For maintenance in the rubles you can drive parasites in uniform, say, illegal banking activity.
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If I confuse nothing, then IP can personal account to use (only taxes main pay), and to use the funds as you like. But OOO is not able, because there is movement of funds on accounts much mutarnee, it is believed that it is not your money, money OOO...
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