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ACCORDING to the priority of traffic to the end user's computer?

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Advise ON which would control the traffic from the machine in order to solve the following problem (or at least part of it):

1) limit the total traffic machine

2) priority management of the traffic programme (i.e. for example if you are running a torrent, he shakes how many there are, but when you open the page in a browser, it should open quickly without having to pause the torrent. Now when downloading the torrent page do not open the browser often falls off after timeout during the boot process, pings are partially lost. Acceptable small loss of bandwidth.)

3) There are several types of traffic: local, ipv4 is limited to the top provider of up to 512kbit and ipv6 is not limited to, limited only by the capabilities of the equipment provider. ON should take note, that is for example when used with ipv4 sites browser, torrent client need to restrict the ipv4-only channel, but in ipv6 it can swing at full speed as this browser does not prevent.

4) it is desirable to prioritize and speed limit for different programs can be changed on the fly, but generally not necessary.

Platform: Windows 7 Pro

Permissible pay, with affordable student price.
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1 Answer

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I would suggest NetLimiter (
Able to limit the speed for the selected applications to create rules for groups of applications, etc.
The only thing I'm not sure whether this software is to dynamically analyze the bandwidth usage and give priority based on rules.

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