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Motorola Milestone and a crazy screen?

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Hello, Habradi, share your experiences, please:

less than six months of careful use my Milestone purchased through the official Internet shop Motorola began to live my life: the screen self imagines depression, which, according to the program Visualizer for multi-touch, are chaotic in the same vertical line (in my case between the browser and the market, if you look at this picture), sometimes two at a time. A couple of weeks this bug has changed: along this line, the screen stopped to respond to pressing, and, instead, it registers two presses on the sides of the line, instead of one for her...

Typing on the onscreen keyboard is impossible, is to leave the unlocked screen, and it will begin to call by phone book and run programs, use of the device becomes absolutely intolerable...

Tell us, please, did anyone with a similar ailment, and how did you decide on?

Interested, where in Krasnodar to find the official Motorola to try to contact the service. Or maybe it can be fixed programmatically?
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2 Answers

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HTC Legend is a massive problem — die vertical stripe on the screen. Randomly in place. Overall — repairing under warranty.
You also should contact a warranty repair.
PS. for publicity:
Not Respecting Vobis. And you freaks already have screens in your official warranty. And stop demanding money for the removal of the mass defect in the phones Zeus. So you choked the creature.
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Dear ST4NN, Yes, this problem unfortunately occurs in many people.
The same problem can be observed in many thematic forum:
\rBuggy screen Motorola Droid/Milestone
Some blame the controller, and some say that a software problem

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