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Does the company responsibility for employees with pirated software?

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The question arose about the activities of the inspection bodies. I understand that any company needs to use licensed software in their work. Especially because now a lot of analogues which can replace many programs for normal operation of the company.

Interested in this:

The office has 3 computer with Ubuntu (and other free programs). Computers are officially on the balance of LLC. The law is not broken.

At the same time in the office there are 2 people (say a project Manager and sales Manager) who are working on their laptops that are not on the company's balance sheet. On laptops installed unlicensed software.

Question: does the company responsibility for employees who use work personal computers installed on them is pirated software? While it is clear that to prove the fact of the work itself is very difficult. Interestingly it is about the liability of a legal entity, can someone faced.
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The question is to prove that it is their personal laptops.
On my old job for example almost all the computers were not on the balance sheet.
Just stood on the tables and where they came from... a mystery :)
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In our realities will be responsible all, when they check. Company including. In one degree or another.
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If the laptop of the employee's personal, i.e., private property in the law if they do it to check for a license. And if it is password protected you think they are right with you demanding? And suddenly there you have strategically important information about your activities that cannot be revealed.
I think if the laptop is personal that no one except the owner is not entitled to check!
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If the test staff make the statement "my Laptop and the software I stole myself, and the company said that bought", it is not responsible, but to count on such loyalty, in my opinion, it is difficult, in the best case it will be necessary to prove it — if not get something else and be responsible for Arsenie accounting rules, etc. will be added.
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