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Licensing of software products

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A few questions:
  • open source software And released under the license L1 (e.g., MIT). After a while the authors of the program And changed the license to L2 (e.g., the GPL). Before switching from one license to another company To start to use the software And under the license L1 in your commercial product B. does this Mean that after you change the license of the program And the developers of a program should change the license? Should the authors of a program to monitor changes in licensing of open source products?
  • there is a piece of code under any free license, written e.g. in PHP. Is code-protected (only with license) in any other language heritage a new author or it is also covered by the license? I'm not talking about secure algorithms, methods, patents, etc.
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— If you use the version, e.g. 1.0 license L1, then no, if L2, for example 2.0, then Yes. That is the program's license B must be compatible with the actually used, if the license L2 you don't like it, just not upgrades to version 2.0, and, for example, make your fork of version 1.0
Legally, IMHO, does not apply. You are good, specify that "this product is... port of ..." or "this product based on ..." (even if the language is not changed, but the code was rewritten slightly more than full and from the original remained, for example, only the API), but the license is not necessarily compatible with the original.

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