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[jquery] javascript tree?

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In General, I work with the team on one more project based on php and jquery. As the development is in the extreme, in some places use different plugins to draw the tree and there is no single API for such things. Therefore looking for a plugin that would help the whole thing to unify.


Drag and drop (using the ctrl, event)

API from javascript to invoke a redraw of the tree view, add, edit item

Built-in context menu API for it

At the moment I SkyNews here to this thing

If you know of better options, or even have hoarded silver bullet, I really appreciate your help
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2 Answers

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Tried a lot of things, but exactly updated jstree — lots of other things and easy to customize.
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So, I've played around with this plugin and he is hellishly good. In addition to all possible functions, it contains these buns as rollback, which allows you to roll back the tree to a certain condition (for example, if you need server validation, when you drag and you can't cancel it immediately), as well as the ability to drag and make the elements not belonging to the tree. Thank you all

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