Which UPS to buy?

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In connection with power outages in the cool period it has become vital to purchase a good UPS! :)

The load on the UPS will be a laptop and a bunch of DIR-320+DIR-2500. What to choose to work approximately 2 hours to this bunch for about 200-300.e.?

The laptop with 3g modem optional pull another 2 hours online.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

PS Here is found on the socket a few models in stock. Can be from this list choose:

APC Back-UPS RS 550VA LCD (BR550GI) $133

APC Back-UPS RS 800VA (BR800I) $199

APC Back-UPS RS 1100VA (BR1100CI-RS) $157

Powercom KIN-1500AP RM (2U) $286

Powercom KIN-2200AP$309

For KIN-1500AP claimed run time of up to 180 minutes. Is it in reality?
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> What to choose to work approximately 2 hours to this bunch for about 200-300.e.?
UPS for home use is only necessary that a power outage was the ability to store data and to correctly complete work.
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Buy voltage Converter 12-220 Volt 500 with the jacket
and regular car battery. Cost$ 150 can be stacked safely.
24 hours from such a system will work 100%
the only problem is the battery need to recharge and monitor the electrolyte level.
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For this we need to know the power Supply of your laptop(more likely to be found at the bottom of the laptop) and the power Supply Units and routers. Summarize them, come up here, above the list of models select the power that counted, and look at the column "Estimated Runtime (hrs:mins)". Choose a model that will work in time(:
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Classic UPS for 220V in this case will be ineffective
I recommend to buy a power supply unit Autonomous for alarms, 12V VRLA battery,
it actually Akkum, free of charge from 220V, and the power failure — these 12V will go straight to the desired Glinkov, efficiency 100%, time will be 4-5 hours exactly from 7A / h battery
here is an example with a more powerful battery

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