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A Handbook on how to correctly draw diagrams of complex network systems?

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Would like to learn how to visually draw (just on paper to start) the diagram is quite complicated (not as collinston how the system-qualitatively) networks. With VPN AMI (despite the fact that the physical link is no less semantic importance in the context of) virtual machines (with and without their own real IP) on a single physical server, etc. Give if anyone knows, please, links to good articles on this topic. Zarenee thanks.
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The main thing — a good understanding of how it works (will work) the resulting system. Next is the matter of technique and experience. Recommend doing the diagrams in Visio, as I hadn't worked for OpenSource, diagrams I draw in it. The skill of drawing beautiful and clear diagrams will come with experience.
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and maybe it you will help
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Visio, of course, the flagship.
But DIA is also quite good...
And no editor-draftsman does not replace your own understanding.
For the subsequent distribution/shipment to the import picture...
And the books...
If you your network imagine clearly, and the pattern will make...
And if not, then I don't know what to suggest.
Network of several levels, which are poorly interrelated.
And at the level of TCP/IP to know the physical topology is not required, but desirable...
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I've tried to use for a network diagram/configuration software is always returned to the manuscript version.
In the end over work place hung a few A3 sheets pinned to the wall of plasterboard buttons. Painted and signed — with a pencil. In this case, the diagram is always just transfer to date (eraser + pencil — to help).
How to display — it's entirely Yours.
The main thing — to make it clear to You and to your colleagues.
As an example, look at the diagram in the manual for configuring juniper devices or cisco.
And another tip: don't try to show everything on one diagram. Useless. In the best case it will become unreadable in the worst — intuitive. Better to split into separate schemes for projects/levels of abstraction.
So in my case it was two of a network diagram:
— physical links
diagram of vpn connections
Their "combination" was achieved overall for all schemes the naming of devices/hosts/physical links.
There were individual table settings of their firewalls, which has already been noted, the ports between which the host is open and why.

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