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Router for office? - | Q&A

Router for office?

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Connecting to the office 100-megabyte vydelenku was surprised to learn that my router 3COM OfficeConnect 3CRWER100-75 supports a maximum of 25 megabits on the uplinks when NAT is enabled and up to 30 without. Didn't even know what happens, I think that all modern SOHO-routers 100 megabit in all directions give.

In General, it is necessary to change. Advise what to buy to again not get.


1. Honest 100 Mbit/s on all wires including an uplink.

2. WiFi (G will be enough, but if N is worse, I think, will not be) desirable strong enough (to on the second floor normally caught).

3. Stability is important — to not have it periodically reset. It will work in the mode 24/7/365 (well, if a couple of times a year will decay — no big deal), actively used in the workplace, to him through recovy 3COM-ovsky a switch will be connected in about 15 computers (most of whom constantly chase a decent traffice using in OpenVPN), and 8 SIP Cisco PAP2T adapters and WiFi, in addition to several laptops and IP cameras, which is written video on winch one of the computers.

4. If it is to be able to secondentity intranet not only to Internet but other OpenVPN network at the same time — that it would do it good.

5. It is advisable to from torrents it is also not hung.
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If it were not for 2 points (wifi), I would without a doubt advised Mikrotik Routerboard 750G (Gigabit — he % more powerful than R750 on 100Mbit). The load keeps very decent (including hundreds of torrent connections)., the admin panel is gorgeous (winbox). Costs about 3000 rubles.
I have a home now 2 of the router: Mikrotik as master and connected to Mikrotik dir320 flashed dd-wrt for wired.
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advise cisk 800-series, where you and the router will be good and reliable and honest 100Mbit
As even more budget option — Linksys, but there's a full hundred WAN<-->LAN can not draw.
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As a variant it is possible to take ASUS RT-N16
It is in NAT mode runs order 150Мбит/s
In the presence of 802.11 n and enough RAM to not be hung up for any reason.
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If you have the skills to tune and debug UNIX-systems, I would advise to put a normal sistemnik and pour that in the Unix system. The main advantage — can pile up all the features that you need.
If you do not possess these skills — listen(read) bondbig
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Apple AirPort Extreme will not work? Gigabit ports, Wi-Fi N-on, highly functional and resilient, has a USB port for connecting a printer or external drive (through a hub you can connect multiple Davison) that you can configure the access from lokalki and from the outside world. In the latest modification it is possible to configure because the "guest access" when your "guests" have access to the Internet, but do not have access to the internal network.
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Budget option — Chinese hardwarei analog ASUS RT-N13
here we discussed it
Normal variant — ASUS RT-N16
Well, you can collect the router from the old computer.
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Can on a normal UNIX-like system to implement all, it will be even better.
And so that's a good option LevelOne WBR-6002
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