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WebBrowser Control and IFRAME

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This question arose in the use of 1C, but I can help people not familiar with this platform.

There is some page that contains the IFRAME, the page loads in the 1C: Platform via the WebBrowser Control. In further work with directly loaded into the IFRAME document with the error: "Access is denied". This problem is very similar to the "Cross domain scripting", but the file in the WebBrowser'e and IFRAME are on same domain and use the same Protocol.

Personally, I think that this is a problem of the platform and I want to try to understand what exactly the error is. There is a method IInternetSecurityManager::GetSecurityId, which is directly associated with cross domain scripting, but platform developers saying they overrode.

In this case, the question is: what else could be the problem this error occurs? Thank you.
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1 Answer

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Try to take the stupid ActiveX and IE to throw the form in delve or thread somewhere else, and after climbing the resulting "browser" on your "website"... May see the same "thing" and then it will be easier to understand, but if you don't... then the question is really to 1C...

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