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The virtualization OS installed? - | Q&A

The virtualization OS installed?

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Is there a solution to run a guest OS that is functional by itself? That is, for example, main system is Mac OS X, under the V-world is spinning Windows 7, but if necessary, you can Rabotnitsa in the same Windows.
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As I recall, modern, new path (vmWare, VirtualBox) allow you to use as a plug-in disk partition on the hard drive or even an entire hard disk entirely.
Ie how it works:
1. Creates a virtual reality as a drive connected partition/hard drive.
2. Set the desired OS.
3. (the most fun) the OS is configured to minimally dependent on iron running
4. The host OS is configured to boot from specified partition, mounted as a virtual HDD.
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Also looking for a similar solution. Until I came across this method:
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Connect hard to dev and all. (aka kvm -m 256 -hda /dev/sdb) If Lin will start without any problems if the Windows — the usboot (somehow, thus, allows Windows to boot on any hardware)
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No problem! I have exactly what works. Just to the virtual machine not connected virtual hard disk, and real. In VirtualBox, for example, this is done with the command "VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk" (see manual section 9.7.1. Using a raw host hard disk from a guest).
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