The dot "." on numpad in Russian keyboard layout Windows 7 64 bit?

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Very handy when in English, and in Russian layout on namede gained a point. In the regional standards of course, as the decimal separator too, is the point.

To solve this problem (to the point were recruited in all programs, not just Excel), I have for many years used a modified keyboard created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

But on a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit layout created by MKLC doesn't work (after installation it appears in the keyboard list, and select it, but the system does not perceive it, as if simply do not select any layout).

Downloaded fresh Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, but under 64 bit it can't create the installer for the new layout — it gives an error.

As for 64-bit Windows is to always point on the numpad?

UPD Answer: Made by me in Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creato...that works including and 64-bit Windows
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The question is removed.
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator version 1.4 works fine under 64 bit Windows.
I just had to turn your head and don't use special characters in the name of the project, because the project name it makes the name of the folder where saves the finished installer.
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If anyone should can ready the installer with this layout spread.
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