The problem with the drive?

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Once TortoiseSVN is periodically started to give the error:
Can't move '!nLog\\.svn\\tmp\\entries' to '!nLog\\.svn\\entries': the File or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Reading impossible.

Then I downloaded the command line version of svn, the same error.

Also Windows started to give in tray message, something like "[svn.exe] error access to the disk, run chkdsk"

Ran chkdsk /F /V /R /X /B, the errors he found.

Launched svn up in a loop, it turned out that the error occurs in about half of the cases (i.e., not guaranteed).

This problem is somehow only occurs with the svn, during normal operation (eclipse, Visual Studio, uTorrent, browser) does not occur (or other programs transparently doing a retry?).

Also (didn't realize this, but maybe there is something in common), sometimes that all the software "freezes" (not at the same time, and when accessing to HDD), HDD activity led goes out after about a minute heard a click, the light is on and everything continues to work.

That could affect the access to HDD installed Kaspersky Crystal TrueCrypt (encryption on all partitions apart from the one on which the error occurred)

There is a suspicion that the trouble with iron, but the laptop was bought only 4 months ago.

Well, actually the question: what is the cause of the problem, and, if of iron, as a little blood test?


SMART says everything is OK except Spin Retry Count: SKRIN

Check disk for errors program HD Tune Pro did not reveal any errors.

Had problems with the temperature rose to 67 degrees, while the recommended up to 60.

However, after a night off errors like "the File or directory is corrupted and cannot be read. Please run the CHKDSK utility" when I run svn continue to occur while the temperature is normal (46 degrees).

If you are copying all directory tree in the root of this section, then svn up ProEdit without errors.

UPD2: memtest86 errors RAM not identified

UPD3: the native utility from Western Digital: Data LifeGuard Diagnostics also did not reveal any errors.


The first reason problems ("failures" of the file system when working with svn) clear!

It was not a physical problem with the disk, and the Windows 7 bug, if anyone is interested — here the discussionwas also released hotfix. After you install the hotfix svn is working fine.

To believe now, even if the system is lying?!

The second problem (intermittent drive for a minute or two) until disassembled, but he probably just cut down to protect from overheating (although usual in such cases is a spontaneous reboot of the computer and not the suspension screw for a while). Well, overheating is probably the crappy build computer. Set the program of temperature monitoring, but since then, spontaneous shutdowns were not.
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I think the problems are related to IRQ.
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About the bugs and svn unfortunately I can not say, but
"sometimes that: all the software "freezes" (not at the same time, and when accessing to HDD), HDD activity led goes out after about a minute heard a click, the light is on and everything continues to work"
similar symptoms I have 1 time foreshadowed a gradual dying HDD. To calm look SMART, and even better not a long test drive.
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RAM check if smart is normal
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SMART-e nothing, but it is not a 100% indicator. External symptoms the drive is clearly dying. If you don't want to change it right now, then at least bakapit important information to external media.
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