How to measure the speed from the client to Flash Media Server?

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Unfortunately with Flash sign pretty bad. Want to make a widget that will test upload and download speed from the user's computer to my Flash Media Server.

Googled that by means of Flash Media Server can measure the width of the channel (bandwidth), but I need the speed both on the server and from the server.

I think it would be possible to put a web server advanced and download and upload files, then size to share for a while. But I would like to do without third-party software.

Perhaps someone has examples of such widgets that work with Flash Media Server, well or simply advise in what direction to look?

Use Flash Builder 4.5 (ActionScript 3)
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Well, actually you can do this:
1. To pass the test data stream to the server or from the server. In batch or as you like.
2. Consider how much of it transferred or to be transferred in advance the data of the same size.
3. To time the start of transmission and end.
4. To calculate the average transfer rate, it navna = number of bytes transferred / time elapsed for transmission.

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