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I recently acquired an Android device.
And I wanted this device to have more or less full access to the content of my file server.
With files document type seems to be all clear. Go file Manager, understanding SMB/CIFS (type Explorer from ES), copy the file locally, and enjoy. This is a single operation. But what to do with movies, private files, which can weigh on N-TSAT gig? Or with music, when I want to listen to it now it is this album?

In General, what is required. I want to watch videos and listen to music (it is also possible to attach pictures here) to the format supported by the device. It's clear that 1080p video is not needed. That is, the necessary transcoding.

At first I noticed the DLNA/UPnP protocols. Found software for servers that support transcoding. They found that if you had somehow solved, then video players that support DLNA, in principle Android is not. A dead end.

Next I tried a hybrid solution called Orb. The bottom line is that your content falls on theirs server on the Internet, you have access to it from anywhere (not necessarily from the local area). Stream transcoded on your server, sletta them, and from there on a client device. I understand that there are nuances (if the server and client are on the same network), but I have not understood, because the video again, nothing happened.

Orb I came upon the idea that you do not need to bother with UPnP, you can do the usual Web. Because YouTube somehow it works? Therefore, the goal was to find the server Web-galleries, which would be able to transcode and give to the media content on-demand. I assume that Android takes the video stream from RTSP in 3GP format and MP4.
Has been found Wild Media Server, which I really liked, but he could not give into the RTSP and HTTP I have, again, nothing happened.

Therefore, the question is: who can help with specific solutions in this direction? Want to get videos/music/photos on an Android device without pre-transcoding (i.e. that were recoded on the fly) and copy to your local storage.
As a bonus I would like that the server was able to redirect a live video/audio from the Internet, and to collect podcasts. But it's not necessary.
Ah, Yes. OS server — Windows. Although variants are possible with other systems.
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For music view DAAP-server under Windows and DAAP player for Android. DAAP works only via LAN, but You kind of need it.
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If the home server to raise a www server, in the Market there is RockPlayer (paid and free with ads) — he can play.
I have an idea in their head spins, distribute the script below after downloading all transnationals in the right format (because some players though, and with the stated ability to play many formats, but often it turns out that there is no sound or video squares).

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