Audio creative T3100; non-working tweeters (tweeters)?

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I got the radio Creative T3100.

I noticed that there not working tweeters, they are the same tweeters.

I decided to disassemble the satellites, saw that on the way to the tweeters are fuse, one on the left satellite, the other on the dash, respectively. Tried to short the terminals to bypass the fuse tweeters successfully earned one other satellite.

Of course, I could a soldering iron to resolder or guards or be connected directly to tweeters, but there is sleduushii question — what fuses could burn? Felts previous user very loud music to be heard or jump in voltage..?

Or is there another reason?

Do I need to put this fuse, or just close and ignore it?

Does anyone have the experience in repairing audio or someone faced with?

I would be grateful for advice.

UPD As I suggested, it should not be the fuses and capacitors.

however, what they failed and whether they are necessary?
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it seems that they work you just don't hear :)
1. your music does not contain high frequencies (much helmet mp3)
2. RF strangled EQ
3. a hearing problem... sorry
the fact that shorting capacitors you hear the tweeters start to work on them and begin to get the MIDs where much more and they are more audible.
the failure of the capacitors, well, it's unlikely and both switches could film in theory, but it is also fiction.

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