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Service marks of visited places?

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Here thinking about what little I remember where I was and where was not in a particular city. What places have visited which you have not visited yet. And coupled with the fact that gps is constantly in my hands and see the marks on the route travelled, I wonder whether there is a service that will mark where I was and where was not.

For example kerf Google maps on the phone, walked, walked, the route was recorded and the "fog of war" has dissipated. So I knew what places I already visited, which would be worth a visit...

Cool app something on Symbian, or service any...

Could you tell me please?
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4 Answers

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not really about the fog of war, but about the stamp locations:,
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"Fog of war". smiled)
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iGo seems able to record the route. Just something they have on the website only for iPhone left app.
Yes, in General a navigation program. No ice?
0 like 0 dislike — online tracker. There are clients for the PC and PDA with winmobile. After a couple of days will release for Android.

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