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Windows Server — how to keep active desktop on disconnect?

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There are a bunch of two programs, one of which periodically takes a screenshot with another program and analyzes it. Software under the windows platform.

There is a need to run all this on a remote VPS.

When connected via remote desktop and run the program everything works fine, but is soedinilis to take a screenshot not fails since the program (similar behavior — if you lock the computer, despite the fact that programs are working — take a screenshot with them not poluchaetsya).

Is there a way to disconnect from remote desktop it remained open? Ie still were rendering, etc.?
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4 Answers

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use something like Radmin
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just leave the whole thing on the physical console
correctly people speak — Radmin is addressing the issue
to send system ctrl+alt+del press Ctrl-Alt-F12, and even better — turn off the tap by the entrance of this combination
Oh and don't forget to turn off the splash screen, because it's defol locit comp
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Under Linux to write a script in it:
to run rdesktop, with logins and passwords for automatic login.
— take a screenshot with Windows rdsektop'and save to a file with a unique name.
— make rdesktop'have kill.
To put everything in cron, to enjoy life.
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I read the comments and did not understand — and what does not fit the standard RDP client key /console?
%SystemRoot%\\system32\\mstsc.exe /console
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