Strange behaviour of generics in Java?

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Wrote some generic tin, and then, suddenly refused to compile Java code, although it would seem everything is fine.

In short, what happens here

Transformable — a parameterized interface, parameterized it in order to implementing classes to indicate the type of the result of the transformation.

Test method imposes a restriction on the type of the transferred object that human language can be translated as "an input object contains the transform method with a return value of type "a subtype I"

So transform () will return an object compatible with the type I. And the returned object can again call the method transform ().

If I do it through intermediate variables, then it works, but one line is not compiled, although the essence is the same.

What's wrong?

 class Main {     /** * @param <T> * transformation result type *  */    public interface Transformable<T extends Transformable<?>>  { T transform();    }     <I extends Transformable<?  extends I>> I test(final I input) {         final I ans = input.transform().transform(); // can't compile!         // final I ans1 = input.transform();        // final I ans = ans1.transform(); // works!         return ans;    } }  

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What version of JDK?
I javac'om 6u20 compiled both.
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So it should work ;)
final I ans = (I)input.transform().transform();

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