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Advise book on JavaScript

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Paper advise book on javascript for in-depth study of neovico (a programmer with experience with other languages).
Ordered the book "Javascript detailed manual" by David Mcfarland — there was water about jquery. Even came across cases in which all greatly simplified (Ala for dummies).
I wish the book covered such things as
types of variables in js,
the concept of the prototype,
working with the DOM
regular expressions.
And smaller examples on ajax, which is the listing of server-side code on ten pages.
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According to Douglas Crockford there are two worthwhile books on JS:
1. the above mentioned Javascript: The Definitive Guide,
2. and the Crockford's book: Javascript: The Good Parts
I recommend the video lectures by Crockford:
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I can recommend the blog of Dmitry Soshnikov
There are some good articles about parsing ECMA
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Javascript | Flanagan | Publisher O RELLY
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Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison
Foreword Brendan Lamentations
"Javascript Bible"user
The 5th edition (because of the books not pdf)
I think its a great book.
Here is what Brendan Eich:
"Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn Javascript
read the book Danny Goodman's Javascript. The Bible user......"
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Pro Javascript Techniques
Author John Resig (jQuery, Sizzle)
Very well explained about the device events, and also about the DOM.
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Also suggest Javascript: The Definitive Guide. I think it's the best book on the subject and he read at night favorite moments =)

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