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To restore access to the account at Yandex

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Dear Jabrail!

Accidentally discovered an old account on Yandex. Neither the password nor the answer to the security question I do not remember :( and Easily parted with the old box, and Yandex.Donations and stuff, what is important — my account there is also a page on MoiKrug, that it ought to carry.

Because I do not remember the control of the response to restore access in a standard way can not. No links like "ask an unconventional question to support" not found... Can anyone come across? As confirmation ready to show to Yandex and passport and employment where will be listed all the places that there are in the questionnaire in Moments!

I will be glad to ideas.
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1 Answer

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I think the only way is to write in support. There to answer any questions, though not immediately.

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