As a beginner iOS developer can do a sane design an Iphone app?

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Need to do a normal design a small app (and I very well, not a designer), standard elements is clearly not enough — need an external, and preferably with examples. For example, interested in the colored buttons (as they generally do?). Google gives nothing =(. Perhaps there are some sets?
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I can tell only the literature, quite interesting and informative:
Alan Cooper "the mental hospital in the hands of patients"
There's quite interesting describes an approach to designing human interaction with the device.
But with regards to what buttons are not prompt.
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Sets there. Depending on what you need are around 5 to 40 bucks. Much useful knowledge of Photoshop. Photoshop with friends is mastered for a month or two. First examine the ideology of layers (layers) and style (Photoshop styles).
Button sets some —
But it is much better to use sets: select the style and buttons make your own (find the first link).
In any case, it is not a quick process — if you do it yourself
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Can be inspired by the design of other applications

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