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One of our designers to contact?

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Not allowed to publish in jobs (no more than 1 per month), write here:

Is there a website —

Now we facelifted logo, and I throw a little layout in Photoshop'e (but I'm no expert in this)

It all started with the fact that we decided to open the "Building" which is a very important and big and does not fit into the site.

And I started to draw it, gradually coming to believe that we need a liquid layout and simplification of the cap

But — I'm not special in this case — not a designer and not a web technologist.

What you need:

1) responsive design and info-design section "Construction"
(the example on the link — it is not finished yet, shows direction of movement)

2) responsive design and info-design of the main page
(an example of the link — not too refined, too — a direction)

3) the Layout of other pages can be discussed later.

The only mandatory requirement is the maximum preservation of the banner sites of the portal.

It is important to the understanding and desire to improve the proposed models and correctly cross-browser them to mark up.

Money and time are discussed.

Mikhail Podrabinek
[email protected]
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To the coder. I have pipe flow who to contact?
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Can to me)
0 like 0 dislike — my brain is about polamat. You need a designer, because the site is caramel to be promises, and now it has error. And perestrioka, and it looks like the greetings from the 90s.
But the salt in order to post this question here? There are exchange.

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