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The location of the distributed database

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Please tell us how to optimize the location of parts of a distributed database? Interested in more or less ready-made software products and examples of solving problems.

Ie, for example:
there are several connected servers under a distributed database across the country that represent clients of this database.
In the database there are many tables.
There are statistics on requests from clients to specific tables.
There is some price data storage on a particular server.
There is some price transmission is known for each pair of server-client.

Task: to smash the table (or parts of tables) on servers in an optimal way.
To solve the problem, you can apply different heuristic algorithms: genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies, ant algorithms, etc.
But I was not able to find any more or less ready software tools that implement these algorithms.

Are there such tools for the solution of this problem in relation to some DB (Oracle or other)?
Or under each system implements a highly specialized tool?
Or nobody bother with this task, and the data are scattered in the eye?

And can be does anyone have examples of systems with the distributed database that have been optimized in this way?

Thank you!
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1 Answer

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The challenge of course is very interesting in the abstract...
Almost the same there is one BIG BUT... Based on Your wording you want iznachalno to make an assessment and allocate the database, but in fact where is the guarantee that in the process of functioning of system will be the imbalance and the price of storage where it will increase SIGNIFICANTLY... Then have to re-optimize storage, but IMHO, for sufficiently large amounts of data, so do not...
IMHO to distribute the database must still based on LOGIC, which only knows man...
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