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Dropbox for individual folders?

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I want a service similar to Dropbox, but to be able to feed him a few individual folders that it will sync (online)? To another computer you could also do checkout individual folders from the server and continue to sync them. Need to work on Mac OS, Linux and Win.

The disadvantages of the known solutions:

Dropbox Selective Sync beta

— synchronized folders should still be inside the Dropbox folder


— I need somewhere to look for reliable service

— manual commit (not monitors changes in the file system, like Dropbox)

— there is no doubt that SVN'have like a huge number of large binary files


— synchronize manually

— Yes, all by myself, all by myself :(

Does anyone know about this?

Thank you.
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6 Answers

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how about Mega ?
Convenient client to synchronize selected folders, 50 GB free, there are clients for desktops and mobile OS. Linux official yet, but promised. Like is informal.
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In Linux this question is very easily and quickly solved with symlinks.
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STAR, so the original folders should be stored in a Dropbox folder, and symlinks can be done in the right place, then such problems should not be. I (though on Linux) to do so, no problem.
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In Windows (7) use symlinkname, everything works fine with Dropbox, but the program analogs are not very good yet are able to synchronize symbolic links (Hello, Google drive).
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Which directories will indicate such and will monitor.
Storage limit for free accounts is 5GB. For MacOS and Linux the client is.

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