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Is it possible to remove the app and search from the sidebar µTorrent 2.2?

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This morning was autonomica with µTorrent 2.0.4 to 2.2. Update, a few new panelco personally, I don't need the whistles, namely: search and applications that are located in the sidebar. Is there a way either to get rid of them? Additional settings searched, nothing that would help solve the problem, could not be found. A search of the forum resulted in a few meaningless fobbed off developers and tips for beta versions to the current version (2.2 build 22372) are not suitable.

The obvious solution to revert back, is regarded as a plan B. Now I wonder what disabling unnecessary functionality.
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Run µTorrent, press F8 (go away the search bar) then F9 (Lost application)
To remove an input line for the search on the right side it is enough to select and delete all the rows in the list of search engines which is the path — setup, Configuration, Advanced, Interface, search engines.
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