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Joystick emulation in Windows (C#, VB or something else)

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I have a gaming device under Linux (gp2x caanoo, something like a PSP) associated in a network with a computer, I it can write programm in C that uses the network, the device is accelerometer (like iPhones, Android phones and so on).
Aim to make virtual Wi-fi the joystick, turn the device on the computer emulates the tilt axis of the joystick. For all the androids and iPhones it already is, make the phone a virtual drive for all kinds of racing.
The part that is on the device to spin will be the value of the slope to remove and network sockets to send, I can write, but to deal with the part that the computer could not. From desktop language I know a little C# and VB.NET VB 6.0, php can call the Winapi (it's crazy programming, but still).
Accordingly the question — where to dig, to learn to emulate a virtual joystick, preferably C#?
Saw a library in c#, but it emulates the mouse+keyboard but with a joystick, usually the situation is not sanctified in MSDN how to use the existing joystick and not how to make virtual.
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Maybe XNA Framework (, just hard to tell, itself did not face, but about this thing I read
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Google in the direction of projects like PPJoy

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