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Antivirus security poorly prepared users - | Q&A

Antivirus security poorly prepared users

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Good day! Our organization is currently implementing a project on remote education of children with disabilities. The project, in principle, focused on Mac, but as a second system is Win(license included). Package not included antivirus (!!!). You want to protect computers connected to the Internet via a dedicated line (if not will change the conditions with a static IP). The user levels are different, but mostly low.
Have questions:
1. What antivirus do you recommend? (discuss the options
a). Panda — our engineer's computers.
b). Nod32 — Director of CIT Ministry;
in). Komodo — I'm head of the lab, it).
2. As further secure computers?
3. Is it possible the damage of the Mac-ovsky the loader a virus from a Win?
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7 Answers

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I think you, first, with a large number of computers (how many by the way?) more suitable enterprise products. so convenient: one license on many computers the price is cheaper.
secondly, I advise you, actually, as all kaspersky WSS
0) I'm used to it :)
1) it is, in fact, everything is done to ensure that the user did not notice, and virusna not infected.
2) can be turned so that it buys itself an educational institution, then you 80% off
3) coming soon corporate antivirus for the Mac, he is now at the stage of release candidate
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MS Security Essentials is quite a decent option.
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1) All IMHO, do not kick himself sitting without antivirals, but 30-40 usersof under different...
a) is not valid we have, as the option is not even considered never
b) the gcd sometimes it skips that you wonder(in the last time .lnk files a month after the announcement of the hole, when, long ago, and Casper and the web caught), although some comrades very much, works on the fact that VIR is already in force, but the system does not slow down.
C)the KOMODO is a good firewall, like AntiVir, I would not put.
AntiVir solutions — only from Casper or the web, but they cost money, and the first system hard brakes.
Remind all purely IMHO.
a)to limit accounts
b)to cut off the AutoPlay from removable media, it is better in different ways: XPTweaker, AVZ, XPAntySpy, PandaUSBVaccine
C)Deactivate scripting host: XPAntySpy
d)to cut off all of the USB ports on... really
d)to have latest updates of Windows
e)proxy firwall with antivirus, free for example at least nod\\avast
3)Yes, theoretically at least.
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From personal experience, only Kaspersky NOD... I even bought a license, but caught the virus out of the blue, stupidly going to the site. I don't know what he climbed through flash or PDF... but the computer was infected, and NOD could not do anything. Purified Kaspersky on it and remained still.
About the brakes — Yes, once Kaspersky was Very slow, and I was just in shock from what Сommander Total retards from what I just stupidly go in the directory... it gave me a crazy aversion to this antivirus, so I NOD and then chose. The new version of Kaspersky for the last two or three major version — work is quite acceptable. At least these brakes as before — see.
Of the preventive measures usually recommend friends recommend to put a hardware router/firewall, even the cheapest, because of Windows computer in the trash-LAN or the IP is too vulnerable a target.
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The most user-friendly, oddly enough Avast.
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Panda, VBA32 is not an option. Quite a lot of false positives, and done the Panda God knows where, our infection do not know.
See, by the way, in the direction ShadowUser'. If it is for an educational institution — may go better antiviruses.

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