Linux RAID: add hard drive in a working machine?

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So, there is a home computer with one hard disk. There was a desire to add a second hard drive in the "mirror".

Is it possible to do soft RAID so not to have to use a temporary intermediate the hard drive for data transfer?

I mean, I see it this way: add to the computer a new hard drive, set up, waiting for synchronization of your data on these drives.

If not, then which option is better in terms of reliability and ease of configuration:
  • to use the utility to configure the onboard RAID controller (easy to set up, but need another medium for temporarily storing data; it is possible that this option will only work in Windows, because it works only through the driver or look for the right module)
  • to do RAID operating system Linux (this I would like to know)

It is good if will be found ready guidance for such a situation.

Here, in General, that's all.
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You can transfer everything without data loss on software RAID. In short, it is necessary to add the disk and partition it, create a RAID 1 denoting the second disk as missing and then to sync or to copy, mark the partitions instead of Linux as a RAID. It creates so few raids for each of the sections. swap is also necessary to include in the RAID.
Like the link that is described correctly

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