Organization video p2p in Flash?

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Good afternoon.

Please tell us how organized p2p video in flash? Rather interested in questions such as:

1. As much as NAT?

2. As I understand it, to organize such work you need a server supporting the RTMFP Protocol. What products support this technology? How much do they cost?

3. As I understand it, there is a Stratus — free server that supports this Protocol. How it is stable? What restrictions exist when working with him?
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4 Answers

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1. Breaks as standard, using UDP hole punching
2. While only FMS There are rumors that the Protocol reverse-inginerie, waiting for news.
3. Cirrus (aka Stratus) is the counter solution for developers. For commercial service is not good
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He's already cirrus, and since he is the "official Adobe" probably fairly stable...
About free, such as in "beta"...
"Cirrus is a free beta service. You will need to register with your Adobe ID to obtain a unique developer key."
in General, see
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In General, you need to use Flash Media Server, which runs over UDP and "your server" via NAT is not otherwise prophetes...
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For commercial use there is still
Adobe Flash Collaboration Service

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