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Kaks make ICQ-bot with the distribution of messages?

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Guys, good evening. You need to create (or get ready) icq-bot and get to work on the algorithm. The user knocks on the UIN is issued an auto-reply, after confirmation of the query (e.g. sent 1), then the conversation is transmitted to one of the free UIN (in our case, managers) how to implement this?
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>the conversation passed to one of the free UIN
In a sense, managers are also using ICQ will be sitting and their contacts will be your bot? Not very convenient, much better would be a web interface or simple GUI application for them to write
And so, libraries for working with ICQ Protocol for any language in bulk. There are for PHP, Perl, Python, etc.
Do explain what you have difficulty? You at least started to do what? A particular problem was found or no idea how to do this?
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>And where to send the answers the Manager?
to send an ICQ bot. the bot will send to the agent. scheme message according to table delivery
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1. in the table "1" contains a list of managers(icq1) and ICQ client(icq2)
2. the client writes the bot. the bot looks in the table in (icq2) ICQ client
3.1 if there is, the bot sends a message to the ICQ (icq1).
3.2 if no, then looks into the table of managers c empty (icq2) and puts in that cell the number of the customer.
4. when the Manager writes — back scheme.
5. add the team Manager for the purification cell.
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