Home cinema-based media player with 5.1 audio?

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There is a TV Samsung LE-46B550.

I want to create a budget home cinema system on the basis of some media player.

Option: the WD TV Live.

Is quite inexpensive (3500r), plays like normal.

But he, like other media players, is not possible to connect 5.1 or 7.1

Question: as the minimum cost to get 5.1 sound in movies? How do people with media players to watch movies on acoustics 5.1, if no megaplier has no outputs on acoustics (available in Moscow at least), and neither the acoustic set has no digital input (Yandex.The market is only 3 varianta the availability of each 0-2 in stores)?

Nugedi to connect media player 3 thousand R. and acoustics 3 tys. R. have to have the receiver in 10 thousand rubles, a size 10 times that of the media player?

The options seemed possible:

speakers 5.1 with optical input

— the purchase of the receiver (I would not like, because they cost at least 3 times more expensive media player)

— replacement of the intended player on a more fashionable, with 5.1 outputs (the ones in the sale not found)

— replacement of the intended media player in barabanki / ION with map 5.1

The solution would be sought rather in the computer field than in the cinema because it cost usually more than justified.

UPDATE: regarding the speakers, the Market is divided for PC speakers and the usual, pretty silly shared in common, so it is in the end at least 7 columns, let all or not cheap or otsutstvuet:



7.1 only 1 on the Market system. As it turns out and a movie with her 3 — Istoriia toys 3, Step up 3d and Megamind... side 7.1 to watch yet, like the side of 3d-TV.

About media players on the Market a lot of options with 5.1 outputs, but none of them sold in Moscow.
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Also interested... I Have just the WD TV Live. I found this device on ebay:
\rHDMI LPCM 7.1 5.1 Multi-Channel Audio Decoder Amplifier
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response — barebone or nettop, but it will be around 10K... in principle, any variant will be around this amount, speakers with optical output only from the States to order, also a round sum
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First, about the fact that neither player does not support 5.1 — not true. He some time ago sold a player with its support, like this one: goo.gl/UeSby
In the real time of the players with analog multichannel audio sale not very many and they are expensive, but there are: goo.gl/dlzVN
Worthwhile to look at a hammer the same cyber or still that-thread similar
Now, about speakers.
It is possible to buy even relatively cheap, if you do not bother with appearance:http://goo.gl/jerk
The cheapest 4500 pieces.
All of the above true for the default city
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Not always this need with a 5.1 — practically know the movies where the 5.1 really worth something.
Fun to watch the concerts there are different — singing in the front, and the applause(and laughter) in the back.

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